Top Fishing Destinations in Canada with Delta Airlines

Canada offers a vast range of unmatched fishing destinations. Each province offers gorgeous and exceptional natural wonders and features. Whether it is the immaculate waters of the northern lakes of the country, the thrilling ocean fishing on the west and east coast, or the fast flowing waters of the prairie rivers, Canada offers a large number of destinations whose anonymity and beauty will be forever be embossed on their visitors.

  • Queen Charlotte Islands:¬† Located on the edge of the continental shelf, these islands are steeped in cultural history and natural wonder and have an air of marvel and escapade surrounding them. A vast range of wildlife can be found here. The islands offer some of the finest Salmon fishing in the world.

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  • Reindeer Lake: This Lake is one of the most enthralling bodies of water where you can do fishing. Fishermen are drawn to the area for the immaculate waters and the diversity of fish they support. Walleye, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, and Lake Trout, among other species, can be found here.
  • Eagle Lake: Situated in northern Ontario, the fishing at Eagle Lake is unmatched. True Canadian wilderness offers for gorgeous scenery. Eagle Lake supports a wide variety of species such as Walleye, Northern Pike, Small Mouth Bass, Perch and Trout are common.
  • Tree River: Tree River is one of the most stunning and immaculate sections of wilderness on earth, and supports the most excellent Arctic Char fishery in Canada. This kind of Salmon is exclusively colored with a blend of deep green and vivacious red. Even though the Char is indefinable, fishing for them in this striking, wild land, will be an experience you never forget.
  • The Cranberry Lakes: Comprising of three large lakes, each body feeds into the other and includes varied and diverse terrain. The lakes are known for the quality of their trophy size fish. The lake is also home to numerous portage lakes for canoers and kayak enthusiasts and several attractive islands for exploring.

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