Top Beaches in Vancouver That You cannot Miss to Visit with Delta Airlines Flights

Vancouver is a beautiful city in Canada which boasts a number of attractive beaches. A visit to Vancouver will remain incomplete without taking a tour of its beaches. The beaches here are some of the top in the world; boasting unbelievable mountain, golden sand and stunning city backdrops, plus lots of opportunities for outdoor sports from kayaking to volleyball. Once you have purchased Delta Airlines Flights tickets to visit Vancouver, make sure that you visit the below mentioned beaches:

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  • Kitsilano Beach: This is often regarded as the most glamorous beaches of Vancouver. This beach is family friendly and great for swimmers as the waves here are tranquil, and the beach’s park comprises the breathtaking Kits Pool which is the longest outdoor pool in Canada.
  • Wreck Beach: This world-renowned clothing optional beach attracts visitors as well as locals. Famous for its anything-goes and hippie-esque vibe, Wreck Beach is as well-known for its rare, natural beauty.
  • Jericho Beach: This beach is well liked by sailors as well as swimmers. The east side of the beach caters to beachgoers, while its west side is for windsurfers and sailboats. Apart from picnicking, swimming, and enjoying the Vancouver views, there are a lot of amusing spare time activities to enjoy at Jericho Beach which includes tennis, volleyball, baseball, and soccer.
  • English Bay Beach: It is the most famous beach which is frequently visited by the visitors. You can rent beach kayaks, chairs, and umbrellas here, or swim to the raft offshore with its huge slide.
  • Acadia Beach: Located near to the Wreck Beach, you can access the gorgeous Acadia Beach via an easy trail from the parking lot. With a blend of rocky and sandy paths, it is the ideal place to take a leisurely walk along the water’s periphery and check out the tidal pools.

In case you are planning to visit any of these above mentioned beaches in Vancouver island, you can simply get the Delta Airlines Reservations done. In order to avail the special discounts and rates while booking the flight tickets, you can login to the Delta Airlines Official Site.

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