Best Places to Visit in Argentina with delta airlines flights

Delta airlines flightsArgentina is a massive South American Nation which has quite wide variety of terrains. This terrain ranges from mountains, glaciers, lakes, valleys, and gardens to even many more. The country is famous for it’s traditional dance and music. The grazing ground is one of the most important grounds for beef cattle.

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You can also come across huge variety of wildlife, exotic night clubs, colonial towns, cities with vibrant lifestyle and many more. Argentina is also visited by tourists who want to experience the raw culture of the place.

Thus, let’s have a look at some of the best places to visit in Argentina –

1.       Mar Del Plata – This is country’s top beach resort city which is frequented by tourists all round the year. Millions of tourists come to this place every year to enjoy sun bath and get tanned. Other than sandy beaches, the city is also known for it’s vibrant culture and exotic night life.

2.       Cordoba – This is country’s second largest city which is surrounded by beautiful mountains and valleys. You can come across beautiful Spanish colonial buildings also at this place. The place is known for it’s historic churches, monuments and many other historic palaces.

3.       Puerto Madryn – This is located on the shores of Gulfo Nuevo and is visited because this is also the gateway of Peninsula Valdes. The place is visited most during summers because of the numerous beaches located all around the place. This is a very popular destination for the tourists. Here you can spend hours watching Southern Right Whale.

4.       Bariloche – The place is known as the second Switzerland. It is very popular for it’s numerous chocolate shops, swiss style architecture and picturized valleys. This place is frequently visited because of it’s photogenic locations. People love here to come and get clicked themselves in the beautiful valleys.

5.       Ushuaia – Earlier this was a penal colony but now this place has emerged as the remote beauty of Argentina. This is the southernmost place of the world and is thoroughly visited as you can get a good view of river cruises, winter sports, wildlife viewing and even nearby mountains.

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